How many times have you gotten into a tent and said "this is a roomy tent"?

On average a single person requires roughly twenty to twenty five square feet of living space inside a tent to be comfortable. This is based on the area of a person who is laying flat and not laying on their side. This seems like a lot of room, but when broken down it's not as big as one might think. This ends up giving a person an area that is roughly two and half feet wide and a little over six foot long. For the person of average height and average build they will have a comfortable night. If you're taller or just require more space, you'll feel super confined.

We at Indian Summits have taken this into account and use Gipfel Orion 2 Expedition tents.

All of our tents are custom made with world’s best DAC® aviation grade Aluminium poles, Rip stop Nylon fabric and zippers from YKK (Made in Japan). The most distinct feature reported by every group are a pleasantly spacious headroom and the breathability of the tent even when high degree of condensation was expected. With a lightweight design that doesn’t compromise durability or features, this new two men tent delivers the ultimate mountaineering tent. The outer fly sheet extends much lower on all sides. Most of the mesh is replaced with a Nylon breathable fabric to retain the warmth inside the tent. But the doors are double layered (adjacent layers of Polyester taffeta and mesh) to allow cross ventilation whenever needed. The taffeta layer can be unzipped while the mesh layer is still on on both doors for cross ventilation. Vestibules are large enough to accommodate 2x 60l rucksacks.

Unlike other trekking companies Indian Summits chooses trekking with Two-Man-Tent.

Why? Well here are a few reasons -

Housing in a two man tent doesn't only account for the number of trekkers in it but also for their respective rucksacks, sleeping bags, mattress, shoes, crampons, trekking poles. Well yes! we did take this into account.

  • Spacious - Equipping three man tent makes less room for trekkers and causes suffocation and peeps who are claustrophobic will have serious concerns raised. Not only suffocation but also the warm breath that you let out at night cases condensation problem with the tent.
  • Privacy - Well we do understand that trekkers often trek along with their loved ones and require private space, equipping 3rd person in the very tent doesn't really make up for it and you sure don't want to have a uncomfortable sleep at high-altitude after a strenuous trek.
  • Extreme weather - Weather is something that isn't in ones control, best be prepare for the worst and pray for the best. Two man tent weigh less when compared to a three man and can be sent from base camp incase of any mishap.
  • Tossing - Many people have a tendency to toss and turn while they are asleep, two man tent provides you enough room to do so. We don't want you to sleep all night long on your back and feel tired and sleep deprived.