When planning on your trek with Indian Summits to Himalayas at high altitudes we expect our trekkers to abide to a few things that are essential for oneself and also as a respect for the mountains.

These are a few points we urge our trekkers to abide to.


  • Trek Leader's Guidelines - Trek Lead at Indian Summits are here to make sure your trek runs safely and to-do-so he/she is trained and taught to perfect this. He/She is expert in this field and carry's a lot of experience and skill. Not following their guidelines and terrain craft might lead to injuries and also some serious health issues.
  • Respect Crew - These are the peeps that do all the heavy-lifting, right from serving you hot delicious food to camping your tents to washing your dishes and making sure that every need of yours is fulfilled. Not respecting them for the kind of work they perform would be really sad. Remember incase any of the trekkers fall sick these are the peeps that will get you to safety. They are very proficient in their tradecraft.
  • Forest Rules - Often whilst you trek across Himalayas you will trek through some really amazing dense forests. These forests have a certain norms to be followed like no bonfire etc. You will be briefed in this regard well ahead by your Trek Lead. Not abiding to these norm might lead to some serious penalties.
  • Decide Trail - Trail that you will be following will be undertaken by your Trek Lead with consent of Trek Guide. We urge our trekkers to be cooperative in this regard as one might to take an alternative route incase of any emergency. Often trekkers would like to explore a bit more for the day, well yes! why not your here to explore the beauty of the mountains. Any such intension is to discussed with the Trek Lead and he shall make sure it happens.
  • Fuel Yourself - Fuelling yourself on a trek is perhaps the most important part of your trek. "Never skip a meal" - We hope that our trekkers understand that they are heading out on a high-altitude trek and serving them with lavish food but different delicacies is something really hard. However, we do serve good food which are protein rich yet tasty, something that is apt when on a trek. Keep yourself hydrated at all times.

There are also certain things that we request our trekkers to avoid to safeguard ones own health and also the mountains.


  • Consuming Alcohol - Alcohol consumption on a trek is complete "NO". At greater altitudes you tent to exhale and precipitate moisture much more at lower altitudes leaving you nothing but de-hydrated. De-hydration=AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness), last thing that one would want and a bad way to end the trek. We at Indian Summits have zero alcohol and drug policy.
  • Smoking - As you climb higher, the air density reduces and so does the oxygen. Your lungs tend to struggle for breath and you fell exhausted soon, smoking will only worsen the situation leaving you with a bad headache and dropping your stamina.
  • Drug Abuse - Being upfront about this, "If your here to party and use drugs, this is not the place". Any trekker found with possession of drugs or usage of it will be immediately heading towards the base camp leading in termination of his/her's trek.
  • Hiding Any Medical Issues - We are here to serve you and make your trek memorable and safe at the same time. Wrong declaration of any medical issues will not be accepted. High-altitude trekking requires certain level of fitness and peeps with certain medical issues under their skin will not be taken on the trek as it might be fatal. We expect you to completely understand the risks and help us serve you better.
  • Being Loud - Playing loud music at trek is very annoying to fellow trekkers as mountains are a place to enjoy the scenic views and peace. If you wish to listen to music we urge you to kindly use your headphones and have a good time.
  • Littering - Littering mountains with used plastic wrappers, sanitary napkins, tissues, food waste or any other waste for that matter is a complete "NO". Keeping the mountains clean and plastic free is something we completely stand for. We request our trekkers to dump any waste wrappers in a garbage bag which will be put up at every campsite to avoid littering. During the day we request you to kindly carry a small garbage bag to dump your personal waste which could be transferred to garbage bag at the campsite. Our support crew will get this garbage back to the base camp, segregate the waste and dispose it at its rightful place.
  • Polluting - Polluting lakes, streams raises very serious concerns as these beautiful lakes serve as water source on your trek and most importantly as only water source for the villages downhill. Polluting these lakes with plastic wrappers and non-biodegradable materials will pollute the water making it carcinogenic.
  • Picking Up Fights - Camaraderie in a trek group is something very essential on the trek. Be polite and work as a team to have a successful and safe trek, any differences/disputes among trekkers are to be notified to the Trek Lead and he shall sort this after.