About Us


A work of art, an adventure of mind!

Establishment History

In the age of adventure travels being explored like never before, most important question that pops up is - " Who do I sign up with ? ". There are several operators offering varying trekking choices. There are several compelling reasons that help you decide. Here is a glimpse of who we are, our commitment and vision. Know us, Indian Summits is founded by Vineeth Valtati, an avid traveler since a very young age, outdoor enthusiast and an entrepreneur.

Vineeth's words Though I am a marine engineer by profession, my dream was to start a business doing what I love, to provide a workplace where trek leaders and guides could do what they loved, and to introduce as many people as possible to the wonder, adventure and joy of hiking and backpacking in the Himalayas' wild and mysterious lands. I am an experienced trekker with several treks around the world under my belt. I am passionate about helping adventure seekers knock an item off there bucket list! I assure you that my team and myself will provide you with ultimate experience of trekking in world's most wild and magnificent places!

Our Offerings

What we offer is specific - unforgettable trekking vacations - but our focus is broad in terms of destinations and trip styles. We have a tour that fits nearly anyone who loves to hike in world-renowned, breathtaking landscapes of Himalayas. For people seeking solitude, wildness and adventure, a backpacking trip is a sure choice. Our aim is to remain a friendly organization that caters to small groups of discerning adventure travellers, who respect local culture and prefer to travel the less travelled path. The Trekking Company is a licensed travel agency to operate in India.


Mastering the art of perfect adventure for 10+ years in the wild.

Our Mission

is to FACILITATE EXCEPTIONAL HIKING EXPERIENCES. We put tremendous intention into ensuring our trips are exceptional with extraordinary guides, brand new top-of-the-line gear, smooth logistics and fantastic cuisine under the circumstances!

Our Vision

is to ENRICH PEOPLE'S LIVES. Helping people "get out" into the stunning landscapes we visit is inherently enriching for our guests, and to work in these beautiful places is a dream come true for our guides.


Our amazing trek leads, guides & supports are the secret weapon behind our success.

Amazing Trek Leads.

The quality of your Trek leader and guide is the single most important factor that creates a truly fantastic experience on any outdoor adventure tour. It's for this reason we are committed to hiring and training the best guides in the industry.

In addition to technical competency and credentials, we also require excellent people skills. These extraordinary men and women have the ability to turn a great get-away into an unforgettable, inspiring - and sometimes truly life changing - adventure.

We would not like to guess how many kilometres they walk each year but whether it is saying slowly, slowly! as they show first time trekkers the easiest way to climb a steep scree slope or sitting beside a camp fire swapping stories with an experienced trekker, you will find they are excellent company and guides on your trek.

Amazing support for all.

Our support team consists of more than twenty exceptional staff members who fulfill a variety of roles including helping guests via phone and email, coordinating logistics, screening, preparation coaching, training staff, managing gear and vehicles, driving shuttles, running non-emergency evacuations, creating schedules and a lot more! These folks are the behind-the-scenes people who are instrumental in making it all work.

In addition, there is a team of cooks, kitchen hands and camp staff that make travelling with Indian Summits a fun experience.


All Trek leaders are Certified in Mountaineering and have lead countless treks; they are Himalayas top rated and most sought after trek leaders.

“Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.”